T.E.N.T. Triennial Extraterrestrial Nexus Terrarium or Temporary Entity Navigating Trust

An inter-planetary, post-dystopian, trans-disciplinary cabaret. You, the audience, can engage with a number of performances, round table exchanges and other tasty treats. Come into our home for the evening, let your hair down, make yourself welcome to mix and mingle with the interstellar cast of characters, and leave with unexpected treasures!


What is T.E.N.T?
T.E.N.T. is a loose mobile structure made to host dreams, desires and basic necessities. Coordinated by Ivan Ekemark, T.E.N.T. is an open dance/art phenomena developing performative work and incoherent methodologies. First performed in Uferstudios Berlin in spring 2017, followed by a performance at My Wild Flag festival in Stockholm, Dock 11 Berlin in fall 2017, and FUTUR FAMILIA in Dresden 2018. The works and group is constantly morphing into new dynamic figurations. T.E.N.T. is a way for the collaborators to bring their individual art making into a collective frame, a togetherness through diversity. 

With and by: 
Alistair Watts, Asaf Aharonson, Cajsa Godee, Caroline Alexander, Fjóla Gautadóttir, Gretchen Blegen, Imogen Heath, Ivan Ekemark, Layton Lachman, Louise Trueheart.

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