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Snake Talk

Snake Talk is created and performed by Abby Crain, Maryanna Lachman and Mara Poliak, with lighting design by Elizabeth Ardent and sound design by Samuel Hertz. In Snake Talk, the female subject remains slippery and undefinable within an aesthetic terrain of discomfort, excess and distortion. We are are dense, opulent, dazzling, awkward, seductive, repulsive, terrifying. We ooze, leak, wander, tie ourselves in a knot, rip apart at the seams. We have forgotten the difference between kissing and eating.


Curated by Allie Hankins at Performance Works NW in Portland, OR

Snake Talk at Performance Works NW is supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

Fri 26th and Sat 27th of February. 8pm both nights

more info: http://pwnw-pdx.org/2016/01/23/feb-26-27-ghosts-snake-talk/

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When We :: Ghosts

Mara Poliak, Maryanna Lachman, Abby Crain of ABBYCRAINprojects present Berlin and Portland/SF based artists::

A duet by Asaf Aharonson & Ruairí Donovan

Ghosts is a duet, of lovers playing inside a dichotimous scenography of culture codes and the idea of an unruly nature. 

When We
A duet by Rachael Dichter and Allie Hankins

I am for you to see from behind--to watch unfold slowly. I am concretizing images (shapes, desires, projections). Are you listening? Are they reading? Can you hear them? Do you like them? Do you like me? How far offshore are we now?

Saturday February 20th, 8pm
Joe Goode Annex - 499 Alabama Street, SF

Performance supported by Joe Goode Annex and Jess Curtis / Gravity

tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/when-weghosts-west-coast-tour-tickets-5621654520

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to Feb 14

“The darkest place is always underneath the lamp.”


Teaming up with Los Angeles based lightworker and installation artist Matt Gagnon, movement artists Abby Crain, Jose Navarette, Mara Poliak and Maryanna Lachmann, undergo a series of duets and trios of euphoric intimate annihilation, surrender and disorientation, dazzlement and illusion. The artists work from non human frameworks to reconfigure coexistence, love intimacy, and survival. “The darkest place is always underneath the lamp” invites us into a luminous, dynamic landscape in which, blinded by brilliance, we accompany four figures as they forage for allies and soulmates. 

at Interface Gallery in Temescal

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to Jan 23

FRESH Festival

Check out the FRESH Festival for workshops, exchange, community events, and performances! I will be performing Snake Talk January 22nd and 23rd with Mara Poliak, Abby Crain, and special (secret) guests. Please come! 


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to Apr 14

SALTA goes on an east coast tour...

SALTA will be touring our first show created as a collective. The tour will commense in NYC where we will host AUNTS on saturday April 5th. Then on to perform our piece in Brooklyn, Troy, and Montreal. While in Montreal we will also be presenting on our artistic collaboration at the 2014 symposium hosted by the Arts Curators Association of Quebec, April 11-13th. 

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SALTA = City Church Judson Limits

SALTA hosts an evening of overlapping and simultaneous performance at City Limits Gallery. City Church Judson Limits will consist of work that reconsiders and reinvigorates the task-based dance that emerged in the 1960s. We are thinking of Judson of course, but also the West Coast variants of the San Francisco Dancers' Workshop and the experimental composers of the Tape Music Center. Consider what is satisfying and unsatisfying, stark and delicious, dated and fly about physical task. 

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