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g a p s

A collaboration between Mara Poliak & Layton Lachman


Sound Composition by Samuel Hertz

g a p s is the wonder and terror of the unknown and inbetween. It inhabits a world adjacent to the familiar, slipping between ways of seeing and being seen. We braid solos together: mystery and faith, form and formlessness, loss and potentiality, seclusion and confrontation.

We want g a p s to exist anywhere, in any situation, and it desires to contract and expand from as little as 5 minutes to as long as 25 hours, as a landscape for the forgotten and not-yet-known. 
g a p s is not interpretive, nor narrative; it is living animal body, intensely empathetic to the desires and confusion of all who stand in its charge.

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We are fascinated with an idea from Jennifer Monson of inhabiting the “adjacent to human,” and in g a p s we work with adjacent-to in many ways. This allows for a freedom that doesn’t exist in the familiar and defined. In terms of our bodies and actions, the inhabiting is charged with unknowingness, and a fluidity of our personal and habitual definitions of identity, performance, and community. We slip between ways of communicating, being and relating, and we desire to create space for those watching to do so as well.

g a p s began as a braid, our solo work fusing and unraveling. Two animals, one nocturnal and one diurnal, who cross paths in the in-between time.